Magnolia Courts Subdivision

Robinson, TX

The Magnolia Courts Subdivision is located between North Stovall Drive and Crow Drive in Robinson, Texas. The client hired us to perform surveying and engineering services to create market-ready lots for people to purchase and build custom homes.

Our team conducted a boundary survey of the entire proposed development, which consisted of approximately 9.6 acres. In order to ensure this property was suitable for our client’s intended use, we utilized LiDAR technology to produce a preliminary topographic survey of the entire property. The LiDAR data was used to construct a preliminary site and grading plan that allowed the client to determine the feasibility of the project. Once approved, our land surveyors performed an on-the-ground topographic survey of the property to collect necessary data for civil construction plans. Additionally, we conducted the platting process to create boundaries, right-of-way, and parcels unique to the subdivsion’s layout and design.

Our engineers created a full set of civil construction plans for the residential development project. During the preliminary stages, our engineering team had to work closely with local landowners and The City of Robinson to gain easement access for the project. The subdivision consists of 13 individual residential lots, each ranging from half an acre to one acre in size. Engineers conducted a storm drain analysis and implemented an extensive drainage design that was required for adequate water flow on the project’s property. Onsite improvements consisted of water mains and sanitary sewer mains which were both connected to the City of Robinson’s mains.