San Diego, CA

Meadowood is a large residential planned community in northern San Diego County consisting of approximately 400 acres. The project includes five residential planning areas with attached and detached multi-family and single-family residences, a neighborhood park, elementary school, while preserving 40% of the site as natural and agricultural open space.

Our team of landscape architects prepared ephemeral grading, irrigation and planting programs for the RWQCB and County of San Diego review and approval. Extensive coordination was provided with the environmental planner, biologist, engineering and storm water disciplines to assure a successful project.

In-house engineers provided design services for the on-site grading and improvement plans for the residential communities (totaling approximately 840 units). We also provided design services for the development of the site, including the design and construction of approximately two miles of roadway infrastructure, two 2M gallon water reservoir tanks, four miles of offsite water supply line and six and a half miles of offsite sewer force main. Seven caltrans encroachment permits are needed for this work and approvals through Valley Center Municipal Water District and the County of San Diego are required.