Moseby Drive

Manassas Park, VA

On August 12, 2020, a dual culvert under Moseby Drive in the City of Manassas Park, Virginia became compromised during a storm and collapsed. As a result, a townhouse community of over 400 residents became inaccessible to vehicle traffic and also severed the water and sanitary utilities. Bowman was called upon by the City to lead efforts to restore the vital connection.

A temporary access connection through the City and temporary utilities were immediately planned and constructed. Fortunately, Bowman had prior experience with this crossing. With an advantage of having prior experience with this crossing, Bowman’s team was able to identify and assign resources, redesign previous plans to utilize immediately available materials, and assist with procurement of materials and advertisement/award of the construction contract — all in under 3 weeks. Extensive and constant coordination with the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Army Corps of Engineers was required to meet the demanding schedule.

On September 3rd construction commenced, and on September 24th, Moseby Drive was reopened to traffic. In just six weeks, the community went from disaster to recovery. While this situation was extreme, it is just one example where Bowman was able to leverage our regional resources and local expertise to quickly provide the support and solutions needed.