Navasota River Boundary Survey

Brazos County, TX

Our team completed a boundary survey of over 1,500 acres consisting of ten individual tracts in Brazos County, as needed by the client for a real estate closing. This project included approximately five miles of boundary along the Navasota River, along the Brazos and Madison County line, and approximately another mile of boundary along the centerline of a creek. We began the project with CAD technicians and a registered professional land surveyor (RPLS) researching and deed sketching subject tracts and adjoining properties in preparation for field crews, with the majority of the deed descriptions dated prior to the 1920’s.

Field crews searched and located highway monuments along U.S. Highway 21, property corners, the centerline of an existing creek that was called as a boundary line and tied down the bank along the Navasota River. The RPLS analyzed the research and field crew data to determine the boundary lines to create two separate boundaries, as requested by the client, including a 200-acre cutout and a 1,316.32 acre remainder tract. We created and reviewed exhibits with field notes for each tract.

Deliverables included signed and sealed survey plats with field notes (field notes also provided in word document format) along with the supporting CADD files.