Norfolk Southern Austell IMF Expansion

Austell, GA

Bowman provided all surveying services in conjunction with the expansion of Norfolk Southern’s existing Intermodal Facility. The existing facility site comprised of approximately 450 acres with convenient access to Interstate 20, and featured 20,000 feet of unloading tracks, 26,000 feet of support tracks, 3,000 parking spots for 12 x 53-foot trailers, 450 spaces for container stacking and 10 inbound/outbound lanes for trucks. The purpose of the expansion was to decrease the region’s highway congestion by taking trailers off the highway system and associating them with the state’s rail program. Bowman’s surveying services included establishing control, construction staking/layout of track and facilities, and volumetric surveys. The expansion of this IMF adds 6,300′ of storage track, 8,500′ of pad track for 5,600′ of craneway operation of loading/unloading containers for shipment.