Nottoway Park Ballfield Retrofit

Vienna, VA

Bowman provided survey and civil engineering services for the conversion of Diamond Field #1 from a natural turf to a synthetic turf field. The project included a stone galley stormwater management reservoir and structural controls as required to meet local and state regulations. Bowman also provided contract specifications, permitting, coordination of improvements and construction inspection services. The project, from design to construction, was completed within ten months. All services were provided in accordance with Fairfax County, VDOT and state environmental agencies.

Considerations that were made throughout the process included the preservation of existing field lighting poles and infrastructure, preservation of existing adjacent trails and preservation of existing tree stands immediately adjacent to the field.

Several challenges faced included an aggressive timeline with an immovable delivery date, external stakeholders, stormwater management and construction deficiencies. Bowman worked with the county and interested stakeholders to develop a permitted design within the compressed time limitations. Additionally, through regular communication with the county and Little League stakeholders, Bowman ensured all expectations were not only met, but exceeded. By creatively designing the synthetic field to function as permeable pavement and aggregating the required treatment volume in a centralized stone galley, Bowman was able to meet the 2014 SWM Regulations within the field’s footprint and simplify facility maintenance. Bowman also identified construction deficiencies and worked with the county and contractor to satisfactorily rectify the issues while preserving the overall project schedule.