Page Field (FMY) General Aviation Terminal

Fort Myers, FL

Our team was the prime consultant for design of a new General Aviation Terminal and infrastructure at Page Field which included design and permitting. The complex consists of a 22,000 sq. ft. terminal building, 24,000 sq. ft. bulk hangar, parallel taxiways to two runways, new 600,000 sq. ft. apron along with landside improvements including a new access road and vehicular parking. The project also included utilities, lighting, landscaping, signage and a new fuel farm.

The terminal and hangar buildings, along with the new access road, vehicle parking, signalized intersection modification and fuel farm were all built simultaneously. The project included a comprehensive stormwater management system with two lakes that provide irrigation for the extensive landscaping. The terminal building was designed and built with sustainability practices including solar panels mounted on the hangar roof to provide one third of the electrical demand for the terminal building

The building is certified LEED for new construction and received the Outstanding Environmental Project Award for 2012 by the Florida Planning & Zoning Association. Some of the specific elements at Page Field mentioned were: landscape buffer for visual screening from roadway and architectural enhancement; use of LCPA preferred plant species that do not attract wildlife, such as birds, that can prove to be hazardous to aircraft safety; plant material palette of nearly 100% native species for water conservation and sustainability; and pole lighting, used on the airfield and lights on the building, are shielded to limit the “night-glow” to surrounding communities and visual interference to aircraft.