Parks at Walter Reed

Washington, DC

Bowman is a member of a multi-disciplined design team that is developing the master plan for redeveloping the existing Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC). Bowman has been working with the successful team of Hines-Urban Atlantic-Triden for more than two years. Currently, the Army owns the 66-acre campus. The city will purchase the property from the Army and then it will be transferred to the master-developer. Bowman is providing surveying and civil engineering support to the developers, architects, and other consultants. Bowman is supporting the project through the rezoning process. Bowman created schematic development level plans that convey the developers vision. Design exercises have included schematic layout and analysis of on-site and off-site roadways. Ongoing evaluations of existing and proposed wet and dry utility systems. Bowman is also working with the various development groups that plan to renovate and occupy some of the existing historic buildings located on the southern portion of the site. Finally, Bowman is providing close coordination across the multiple stakeholders, the master-developer, and the city.