Waller County, TX

Bowman was contracted to perform surveying services on this project, which consisted of approximately 3,400 acres located in Waller County outside of Houston, TX. The scope included an aerial survey to collect orthoimagery and an on-the-ground boundary survey to produce ALTA surveys for all project area. Bowman’s team of professional surveyors marked out points and lines of any significant features found in the field and after in-depth title work.

Imagery was acquired with a large format digital mapping camera with simultaneous collection of both airborne GPS for location at time of exposure and IMU (inertial measuring unit) for orientation of the sensor at time of exposure.

Bowman performed a detailed topographic survey of the area. Our services also included easements, parcel lines, rights of way (road, transmission line, etc), gas lines, oil wells, occupied homes, underground fiber optic, fence lines along boundary parcels as well as interior fences in areas of access road construction and any other features noted as significant in the field.