Patriots Colony

Williamsburg, VA

The Patriots Colony project is a distinguished LifeCare Retirement Community offering Active Residential Living to former officers of the uniformed services, federal civil government retirees and their spouses. Patriots Colony is Master Planning the remaining undeveloped area of their Williamsburg campus. The proposed project scope includes a 3,000 sq. ft. dining room addition, a 3,200 sq. ft. maintenance building, four hybrid homes, each consisting of approximately 20 residential units featuring five stories, and six wood-frame, one-story, small 8,000 sq. ft. house structures. Bowman to providing master planning services, tapping into our team’s strong foundation in design and management principles that meet the operational, construction and cost objectives, and our ability to coordinate and manage all participating consultants and sub-consultants associated with the project. The Bowman team is providing a number of services including but not limited to all of the following site planning, planting design, topographic design for aesthetics, screening, pedestrian and wayfinding design, design of exterior common spaces, stormwater and drainage design, engineering complying with state and local authority standards, environmental standards. The new development of Patriot’s Colony will foster an independent, active lifestyle for its residents, who have the peace of mind of reliable long-term care. Planning is also ongoing for Phase II, a 120-unit long term and memory care facility.