Pohick Stream Valley Park – Burke Station Trail

Burke, VA

Bowman provided planning, engineering, surveying, and environmental consulting services for development of the 2,800 LF of stream valley trail within the surrounding Burke Station Park.

Development included design of the eight-ft. wide multipurpose trail, pedestrian bridge crossing, culverts and associated improvements. This trail was the extension of the initial phase (Liberty Trail) of the stream valley trail network and will be the catalyst for the future phases (Hillside to Hidden Pond SV trail) to complement the existing trail network within the Pohick Stream Valley Park. Challenges to the site development include protection of the adjacent environmentally sensitive woodlands and wetlands area, grade elevation changes across the site.

Bowman’s services include development of schematic design through construction plan documents. Specifically, our services included site topographic survey, environmental investigation and permitting, trail site design and permitting, stormwater management analysis, storm drain utility design and site construction observation.