Refinery Waterfront Inspection

Philadelphia, PA

Conducted a routine inspection for 3.5 miles of Refinery waterfront along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA. The waterfront consisted of nine wharves, 22 steel sheet pile bulkhead sections (approximately 8,000 LF of bulkhead) and six categories of miscellaneous structures. Our team completed the underwater routine inspection in accordance with ASCE Manual in 17 days. Surface supplied air equipment and watercraft were used for inspections. Remaining steel thickness of steel members were measured. Deterioration of timber elements was evaluated and deterioration/damage to concrete piles was recorded.

Our marine engineers were on board the vessel to conduct inspections. Video recording of all 17 days of inspection was performed. Structural evaluation of findings was performed, and structures rated in accordance with the City of Philadelphia Ordinance. Recommendations for repairs, in the order of priority were developed. Deliverables included inspection report documenting the findings, structural evaluation, recommended repairs in the order of priority and estimated cost of repairs. In addition, risk assessment of each structure based on structural condition, intended use, and consequences of failure was performed. This assisted PES in prioritizing repairs based on risk and develop a phased approach to repairs.