Shermer Road Bridge Improvements

Northbrook, IL

Bowman is responsible for Phase I, II and III engineering services to upgrade the existing Shermer Road Bridge to meet current structural, hydraulic and geometric requirements. The owner’s NBI Bridge Safety Inspection Program identified the bridge as structurally deficient due to the poor condition of the precast structure. The bridge which spans the West Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River, was constructed in 1939. The bridge superstructure was replaced in 1979 and architectural enhancements were added to the parapets and sidewalks in later years. The precast prestressed concrete deck beams and shear keyways have deteriorated to the point of reduced structural capacity for the bridge. Bowman’s structural engineers, proposed utilizing improved deck that will guard against premature failure of longitudinal keyway joints. This approach is cost-effective since it allows retaining the substructure which is not in need of repairs.