Smithburg High School HVAC Replacement

Smithsburg, MD

Bowman provided engineering design services for the upgrade/replacement of the school’s entire HVAC system, which also includes the roof replacement for this 129,460 sq. ft. facility. Design incorporated new technologies, employing a year-round dehumidification, improved air filtration and distribution, improved efficiency, and implementation of modern controls and operations.

Mechanical scope included the replacement of various HVAC components which were installed as part of the original construction (1965) and later additions/ modernizations (1994, 1996). The main focus is the economical replacement of the HVAC system, which we were able to accomplish via a combination of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, DOAS, and packaged roof top units, etc. The existing
boilers were re-used and chiller demolished.

Architectural scope included patch and repair details. Remove and reinstall ceilings in the areas of mechanical work. New chase walls, improved access provisions, fire rated floor openings, equipment curbs for roof mounted HVAC, and replacement of entire roof system.

Electrical scope included power connections for all new HVAC equipment, calculations to confirm that an electrical service upgrade was not required, modifications to the existing electrical distribution system, removal and reinstallation of existing light fixtures, fire alarm interconnections with new HVAC system including, smoke damper connections, duct smoke detectors, and HVAC shutdown switch.