Southwest Gas Replacement Program

Various Locations, AZ

Bowman is supporting local utility expansion through engineering design, construction and permitting of gas main abandonment and replacement, new residential and commercial projects, and other special projects. Design scope includes engineering services, pipeline installation, replacement and abandonment of distribution and high pressure systems, directional drilling, regulator stations and pressure testing. With approximately 15 projects completed each month, the team has completed nearly 200 projects to date since winning the contract. Aspects of the program include boundary and right-of-way determination, topographic surveys, gas line construction staking and as-builts, field staking of existing and proposed gas line easements and preparation of new easement documents. One of the challenges to this contract are the rigorous schedules often required for survey staff to mobilize anywhere in the metro Phoenix within a 12-hours notice. Typical projects are pipelines varying from 4 inches to 16 inches; ranging from 1/4 mile to 1 mile in length.

Bowman has worked with Southwest Gas on this on-call project since 2009. Within this time-span, Bowman has successfully completed numerous tasks related to the contract. Our team has refined the processes of coordination, plan review/revision, conflict identification and resolution with the Southwest Gas Engineering team members. This has allowed us to complete dynamic tasks such as the Northern pipeline replacement, 19th Avenue Metro Rail pipeline replacement and Broadway pipeline replacement projects. Along with the replacement projects, we have performed complex boundary and right-of-way surveys to determine placement of services and lines in the most convoluted areas of the Maricopa County/Phoenix Greater Metro vicinity.