Various Locations, US

Bowman’s partnership with Starbucks began in 2013 and has since grown into becoming one of their preferred civil engineers. Our teams work closely with management to produce site development and construction management plans for new stores across Florida and other regions, including Downtown Disney and other high-profile sites.

Our team works closely with Starbucks local area managers and other consultants to generate construction plans to meet their corporate standards and obtain required permits. Over the years, our responsibilities with Starbucks have grown, and we have become an integral part of their team.

Case Study: Arizona-Based Starbucks

The project transformed an outdated retail facility into a landmark café, anchoring a busy intersection near the medical center and demonstrating the thoughtful and eco-conscious designs Starbucks is known for. The physically constrained 0.65-acre corner location was designed to accommodate pedestrian-friendly access, while still providing the drive-thru service for which the coffee icon is well known. The drive-thru was designed to make the best use of the small site, minimizing obstruction to traffic flow along both frontages, and retaining pedestrian access along the sidewalk close to the busy medical center. Bowman provided surveying and engineering services. The project required coordination with the Flood Control District of Maricopa County due to its location in the flood plain. Additionally, a City of Mesa CIP project impacted both frontages of the project site, requiring the collaboration of design elements to ensure a smooth construction interface.