Terminal 5 – M Fuel Extension Fuel Package at O’Hare Airport

Chicago, IL

Bowman is providing resident engineering services for the fuel loop being constructed in advance of the new International Terminal (T5) building expansion located directly East of the existing T5 building. This project involves the installation of approximately 3700 feet of 12” fuel main pipe, 30 hydrant pits, 4 high point vents, 4 low point drains, and 2 fuel new isolation vaults. These components will service the future gate and hardstand positions once the International Terminal expansion is completed. Electrical installations include cathodic protection of the new fuel pipe by installation of 2 deep anode wells and rectifiers. It also includes Emergency Fuel Shut Off (EFSO) pole stations for all future gate and hardstand positions. Installation of continuous fiber optic cable throughout the new system will provide the EFSO service. The project also includes removal of the existing isolation 6 vault, approximately 900 feet of fuel pipe, and several hydrant pits, high point vents and low point drains.

Bowman’s responsibilities include oversight of the entire construction management project team, detailed daily documentation of all work being performed, verification that work meets the intent of the plans and specifications, review, audit, and approval of contractor invoices and pay estimate and change order requests, and coordination with all stakeholders as well as adjacent contracts to provide a seamless transition throughout the construction phasing.