San Marcos, TX

The Trace project is a 420-acre residential, commercial and retail development located in the City of San Marcos, TX. Bowman provided professional environmental, engineering, and surveying services including preliminary design, site control, boundary surveys, utility system layout, preliminary design of storm water facilities, and final subdivision design for roadways and residential lots. The master planned residential development consists of approximately 1,000 single family lots, a 42-acre commercial area, a school site, amenity center, and multiple detention ponds. There are also offsite wastewater improvements to serve the development. Bowman performed hydrologic and hydraulic investigations necessary to define flood flow rates and water surface elevations along drainage areas along the property’s primary drainage ways. HEC-HMS models were applied on watersheds contributing flows to the subject property to calculate the fully-developed conditions flow rates. This information was used to delineate floodplains and verify developable areas, design preliminary roadway profiles, and lay out preliminary utility and site amenity locations.