Twin Farms Resort

Barnard, VT

The Twin Farms Resort project involved a series of renovations, expansions and new units to the Forbes Travel #1 5-star small luxury hotel and resort in the quaint and quiet town of Barnard, Vermont. Our team was retained to provide surveying, site/civil engineering, permitting, environmental and construction engineering services, working closely with a design team that included ownership, architects, development managers and construction managers. Keeping the resort open, planning around guests and preservation of the existing natural environment presented numerous challenges to the design team.

Upgrades to existing buildings, including restaurants, fitness center and eight new luxury “tree houses” were all designed and approved. We are currently assisting with construction phase services for the tree houses, that, once complete, will serve future guests in a natural forested environment. In addition to the design and permitting of new spaces, our team also provides on-going permit compliance for Twin Farms, conducting annual inspection and maintenance reports on their large-scale water, wastewater, and stormwater treatment systems.