U.S. Naval Academy Hammer Throw Field Improvements

Annapolis, MD

Bowman provided surveying, civil engineering, site and landscape plans, and a forest conservation plan for this project at the U.S. Naval Academy in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Bowmans scope of services included regrading and providing swales around the hammer throw fields to provide stormwater management through swale infiltration. Bowman also completed mitigation planting for the trees and shrubs that were to be removed by the grading which was required by the Critical Area Act. The field need to be brought up to collegiate standards, and Bowman achieved that, meeting the requirements of MDE, and offering a workable design near the Chesapeake Bay, an environmentally sensitive area.

The Naval Academy also requested that Bowman do additional planting at the outfall to the Bay. The additional planting will assist with the Academy’s maintenance, because the area is often soggy, or pools of water remain after a rain. The plants will act in a similar way to the plants in a bioretention facility.