U.S. Fish & Wildlife Neches River Survey Tracts

Jacksonville, TX

Our team was contracted by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to survey 6 tracts of land totaling approximately 483 acres in Anderson and Cherokee Counties, including portions of the subject tracts that adjoined the Neches River. The contract schedule was 180 days and we finished the project in 80 days. At the RFQ phase of this project, Our project manager performed a site visit to review the scope of work with USFWS and discuss and view the complexities of the project.

To begin the project, our office staff researched the subject tracts and adjoining properties to prepared the deed sketch for the project. Our field crews accessed the subject tracts and established project control on Texas State plane coordinate system, North American datum of 1983, central zone. Next, field crews located property monuments, roads, structures, and exterior fences within and along the subject tracts. We coordinated with a licensed state land surveyor (LSLS) to determine the gradient boundary of the Neches River that was surveyed by our field crews. Survey technicians reviewed and performed QA/QC on the field data and sent the data to the registered professional land surveyors (RPLS) and PM to resolve the boundary lines of the subject tracts. Once boundary lines were resolved, field crews staked the property corners using USFWS aluminum caps. Field crews also used carsonite posts to mark the locations of the property corners and boundary lines.

Our survey technicians and RPLS prepared parcel plats and legal descriptions, that were QA/QC’d by the PM and sent to USFWS for review. Once we received comments back from USFWS, We made changes to the parcel plats and legal descriptions, then signed and sealed the documents.

Deliverables for the project included reports of survey, signed and sealed parcel plats and legal descriptions, copies of the property corner descriptions, digital drawing files, and mylar copies of the parcel plats.