U.S. Silica Inventory Verification


Our team was hired by U.S. Silica, a nationwide sand and aggregate company, to conduct volume analysis on stockpiles as a third-party inventory verification. Depending on the type of aggregate, these materials are either stored in open areas or in large, fully enclosed warehouses. The stockpiles range in size from two truckloads to hundreds of truckloads. We have performed volume analysis scans every quarter since 2014 in various states, including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, North Dakota, and Montana.

Our team uses different types of cutting-edge sensors to conduct volume analysis scans depending on certain factors like the type of material and how it is stored. Terrestrial LiDAR scanners are used to scan aggregates stored in warehouses and multiple scans are required in order to capture the entire surface without leaving any voids. For larger aggregate piles stored uncovered outside, we utilize high-tech unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with LiDAR scanners and orthoimagery sensors to collect data efficiently and quickly. All scan data is uploaded to our server on the same day, where one of our technicians will analyze the point cloud and imagery to create the surface of the material. A volume report for the aggregate(s) is then provided to the client within a 24-hour time frame.