Kentucky Owl Park

Kentucky Owl Park, LLCBardstown, KY

Located atop the depleted Cedar Creek Quarry, Kentucky Owl Park is a one-of-a-kind distillery and world-class attraction in the heart of the Bourbon Trail. Once complete, the 420-acre park will include a distillery, two 31,000-barrel rickhouses, bar and restaurant space, a hotel, event center and a trio of pyramid-shaped wooden stills.

Bowman was engaged to provide engineering and survey services for the park’s iconic pyramid structures, visitors’ center and both rickhouses. Our team meticulously assessed land topography and boundaries to ensure the depleted quarry was suitable for bourbon production. Bowman’s civil engineers also conducted a comprehensive site assessment for essential elements, including roadways, water supply and utility connection.

This crucial feasibility data enabled Kentucky Owl to make information-based decisions about optimizing land utilization.