Manufacturing Facility

Various Locations TX

A modular building company purchased a massive manufacturing plant, which needed to be reconfigured to suit their needs. Our 3D laser scanning, drone intelligence and modeling teams worked with the client, its vendors and consultants to produce a wide array of documents to let them know exactly what they were working with.

This property was to become a building for making other buildings. The massive space was suited for the task but the client had no existing as-built documents or lighting study, which made it practically impossible to begin work on space planning and the plant layout.

Scale of the facilities aside, what made this project particularly extensive was the need for a range of documentation in various formats to serve not just with the building of the manufacturing plant but also to assist an array of consultants hired by the client.

The 3D laser scanning and drone teams got to work capturing the space. The cavernous manufacturing floor was scanned top to bottom to produce several Revit renderings and the drone pilot captured photos as well as videos – even a 360 video – to allow the client and other vendors to view and analyze the property without being on site.

With the 3D scans and drone footage captured, we were able to produce a comprehensive 3D Revit model, 2D CAD drawings, 3D STEP model, 2D PDFs, interior 360 inspection video via drone, interior crane inspection photos via drone.

On top of all that, the client needed to ascertain the location and rating of all existing electrical panels – which the on-the-ground team was able to accomplish – along with capturing the laser scans, photos and videos.

The final Revit model, floor plan, and elevations laid the groundwork for outfitting a state of the art manufacturing plant. As you can see from the renderings, the documentation provides a clear and accurate detailing of the entire space.